Selected Poems (c.1998)


Hermes will let you know
If you can light the way
Under the undertow
So galvanize your mind
Your thinking hat remains
Half buried in the sand
And rusting in the rain.

The metamorphosis at hand,
You’ll shed your weary skin
The new one on the land
Awaits your stepping in.


A tattered flag or beach umbrella
Staked like a spear toward the sky
You step up from behind it in your
Shimmering mirage pyjama

Roll out your bedouin carpet
And throw your armoire open
Let Eastern light illuminate
Your breakfast on the common


As if in somnambulant satire
Silicon Ron searched high and low
Toes rubbed numb from ankle dragging
Eyesores wearily encrusted

Nobody can see me now
Visible is not my racket
Easily collidable
In a polyhedron jacket

Complex crystal not dissolving
Sublimating into crowds


At rest or slow I give off a shower of neurons,
An engine idling and disengaged.

I will gather the turtles of Greece
The bells of India, a forest gem
Or marine phosphor in a robin’s egg.
I will fill my basket.

A million billion trillion stars
Have fallen from the concave velvet curtains
of my eyelids’ inner theatre.

I have wasted them. You will sweep them up
Peeper glitter litter sweeper.


Black Rabbit unblinking
A starry eye amidst the velvet fur of night
Twitching like sticks in the wind
Shivers and is gone

In a silent scamper
Unobliterates the sun and leaves you basking
Palely flickering watery eyes

In moments your skin cells bubble into action
Photosynthetic alarm clocks pealing with warmth
Bristling with new wonder at the day