"With one foot in the ‘60s Space Age and the other in a desert sand dune, Ball has created a beguiling sound for his Hopeful Monster."
- Amplifier

"Hopeful Monster is all about the Zombies, Rundgren, Lilys, Love, Wilson and Parsons ... It’s full to the very last note, and hard to imagine a better Elephant 6 record not made by those Athens/Denver collective."
- Bees Knees

"Imagine the Banana Splits taking over from Brian Wilson after his late-’60s meltdown, but fronted by the Zombies’ Colin Blundstone."
- Calgary Straight

"Some recording projects just seem to have a miraculous touch to them, and JBall’s debut as Hopeful Monster is one of those."
- Exclaim!

"Ball's voice is the perfect instrument for these tunes, evoking comparisons to pop vocal princes like Todd Rundgren or Carl Wilson."
- Canadian Musician

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