Catweazle Club

UK Tour Videos Part 3 of 3

Despite my tour being based in Oxford, I didn't actually book a proper show there. But I did play at a couple of open stages — one called Catweazle Club at the East Oxford Community Centre. The event is totally acoustic (no PA) and has changed venues several times in its thirteen year history. Dozens of people pay £5 and sit perfectly silently on couches, a couple rows of chairs and the floor. Regrettably there is no footage of me but I played a couple songs early on. There were about ten acts, including David Celia, my friend from Toronto, and his friend Jonathan Seet, also Canadian but now living in Oxford. The three of us sang together a bit. I didn't get any footage of Jon's songs either. Here is David doing "Evidently True."

The last performer of the night was Damian Katkhuda aka Mostar Diving Club. He had a band called Obi who apparently played their first gig at this event, thirteen years ago. You will love him so I'll put two of his songs up.