Playing Thursday, Feb 5 at Mitzi's Sister

With My Divine Light 1554 Queen Street West, Toronto 9 pm $5

This photo is from around 2002...I never actually used it as a poster at the time, I guess I thought it was too far out. But I always meant to use the suit in a video. Last summer I saw "Soul On Fire" by Spiritualized and I think his jacket is made from a fire suit like this. So I made a video response with my song "Uncivilized" to put on youtube as a single from the new Hopeful Monster album, METATASKING. The video is posted below featuring 16 bit CD - quality audio, so turn it up! You can download the mp3 here (kinda like taping the song off the radio, for those of you who remember doing that).

I posted the videos together in my myspace blog last summer...since then embedding has been disabled but here's a link to "Soul On Fire" by Spiritualized on youtube.

If you live in Parkdale you may have seen this flyer:

Join us Thursday!