Moonlighting with Jon Epworth

JBall joins Jon Epworth Band at Lee's Palace Thursday, Feb 19 $5

I met Jon when he invited Hopeful Monster to do a set at a benefit concert he organized last month for the Durham Humane Society. But I already knew his name, if not his music, because he lived in Nova Scotia for a decade before moving to Toronto last year. In fact, we both won "Best Of " awards in 2003 in The Coast's readers choice — Jon got Best Guitarist and I got Best Local Album. When he emailed about the benefit show I told him I'd do a solo set but he offered to back me up, along with his band's bassist Matt McCullough. I misunderstood. I didn't know Jon was a kickass drummer too! They played with me for the benefit set (Matt is a wunderkind) and again for Hopeful Monster's Mitzi's Sister show on Feb. 5, plus Jose of course, and Lily for a couple songs — check out the live review in NOW magazine by another ex-Haligonian, Plumtree guitarist Carla Gillis.

Well on Thursday I'm gonna sit in with Jon's band and I'm excited. I won't try to describe the sound, just watch these videos. I like this description though: "Like Elvis Costello arguing with Ray Davies. Wet On Wet [Jon's last album] has the sound of "art-rock drinking with old AC/DC." I would add Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Rufus Wainwright. Did I mention Jon can sing like nobody you've ever heard?

I'll be playing some guitar and singing harmonies. Come on out!

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