A few exciting announcements

Metatasking is coming out, for real, like, in actual stores! Gooseberry Records is releasing it to Canadian retail outlets this fall through Sonic Unyon Distribution. For a label from Ontario, there is an uncanny cluster of East Coast acts on the roster — Laura Borealis, Benn Ross, Doug Mason, Danger Bees and the list goes on... I'll be among compatriots. Gooseberry has a store at Zunior.com, so now you'll be able to buy digital downloads in the high fidelity FLAC format.

Stateside,"Pay The Rent" has been licensed for use in episode 4 of Roadtrip Nation, a youth oriented program about making self-actualizing career choices, to air nationally in the US on PBS this fall. "Uncivilized" is included on a compilation that the producers of the show will be handing out free to students, during a tour of US colleges starting next week.

Yet further collusion to disseminate Hopeful Monster's message looms, with the inking of a new co-publishing agreement: Bearsuit Publishing will be promoting Hopeful Monster's catalog to film and TV music supervisors, starting this November.

Finally, I'm heading down East for a showcase at the Halifax Pop Explosion at the end of the month. Jose Contreras joins me for the Hopeful Monster show at Company House on Wednesday, October 21st; By Divine Right plays the following night at the Seahorse.

For the unfamiliar, here are a few Hopeful Monster videos, featuring 16 bit audio!

Uncivilized (from Metatasking, 2008)

Stepping In (from Hopeful Monster, 2002)

Stars Are Photomagnets (from Hopeful Monster, 2002)