Instructions for Winter Lovers

Pour some water over me, it makes me come alive
For every one you owe to me I bet I owe you five
Racing candles to the sea in half a walnut shell
Just look at where it's gotten me — off like a shotgun

How could I know this would come true?
Would you surrender even when pursued
To the centre of your halo?
Cuz baby I've been slow to realize
You're not my pillow
You make me come alive

I shook all the pollen from the tree and like chlorine it stung my eyes
The last gift from a honey bee is one kiss and then it dies
Anyways I love you deeply and you know it all too well
There's too many systems running me and just one saline solution

This time it's now or never
We're out shopping for a new forever
And ever after all we've been through
So don't wake me if I'm dreaming
You're where I come to
You wake me up inside

I'm trying not to pass the buck
So hand me my take out cup
With one last taste of brandy
Since I spilled the bottle

I don't like to be so melodramatic
But I'm wrapped in plastic
And I can't feel you