60s Pop Podcast from CD Baby

"Uncivilized" has been included in the final episode of CD Baby's 60s pop podcast, featuring current artists whose sound is inspired by music from the golden age. Lots of great indie acts have been featured on the podcast, which is available for free on iTunes. Here's the line up from episode 8:

1) Tony Cox - "Sweet Elaine" from the album Unpublished

2) Hopeful Monster - "Uncivilized" from the album Metatasking

3) Schuyler Fisk - "The Good Stuff" from the album The Good Stuff

4) Jane's Party - "No Good For Me" from the album The Garage Sessions

Jane's Party, by the way, are also from Toronto — a young band with great writing, playing and singing talents. We played together last year at NOW Lounge during the North By North East festival.

I scoured the web and found videos for each artist (except Tony, who doesn't have one yet but promises to send me the link when he does):

Hopeful Monster - Uncivilized

Schuyler Fisk - The Good Stuff

Jane's Party - No Good For Me