Summer's Only Daughter

If I don't greet the dawn above
If I don't realize the time
It's cuz I'm with my love
Cold valentine

Long years
Our bones accustomed to the chill
Though I can't stay forever here
My true love will
Forever near

Our way by moonlight we did make
But gentle did the waves
Upon the silence break
Till there through tender reeds
I led my darling
To sleep beneath the lake
Her flower garland
Petals drifting in a reaper's wake

Sleep my love
Let nothing wake

Summer's only daughter
Dreaming 'neath the water
Summer's only daughter

Safe there
Too sallow for the sun to burn
To supple for the wind to tear
Though seasons turn
She does not care

Smile dear
Ten thousand stars shine in your eyes
Your kisses whispered from the deep
In tiny bubbles rise & answer me
In the ripples starry eyes are dancing

The sun will rise soon
I must leave

Summer's only daughter
Dreaming 'neath the water
Smiling like I taught her
Summer's only daughter